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Maryland attorney indicted for fraudulently obtaining more than $12.5 million of Somali government assets

Maryland (SD) – Lawyer Jeremy Schulman, 47, a resident of Maryland, has been charged of fraudulently obtaining $ 3.3 million illegally from a $ 12.5 million (Twelve million dollars) of Somali government money banked outside the country.

A prosecutor at the Department of Justice said that from 2009 to 2014, Schulman in an organized conspiracy with others, fraudulently acquired financial assets in the name of Somalia from banks around the world, part of which was taken as a fee and expense.

Schulman and others (unnamed Somalis) are said to have forged documents authorizing Schulman’s lawyer to recover financial assets on behalf of the Somali government. Schulman presented these forged documents to a bank owned by the U.S. Federal Insurance Corporation and other agencies.

In addition to the use of forged documents, Schulman’s lawyer also withheld information from these banks and financial institutions about his ability to represent the Somali government.

Paul Butler, one of Schulman’s attorneys, who spoke with AP said the charges are not investigated properly.

“For more than four years, Mr. Schulman and his team worked tirelessly to assist a nation desperately in need of financial resources to ensure the government’s recovery from nearly two-decades of civil war. Over that time, Mr. Schulman has endeared himself as a trusted advisor and advocate of the Somali people,” Butler told the AP.

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