Djibouti’s Ambassador to Somaliland responds to UCID Chairman

Hargeisa(SD)-Djibouti’s Ambassador to Somaliland Hon. Hussein Omar Kawaliye spoke to the press in Hargeisa today and was responding to UCID Chairman Eng. Faisal Ali-Warabe accusations against Djibouti President.

According to the Ambassadors press conference, he did not respond to Faysal Ali-Warabe’s statement that the President of Djibouti was not neutral on the talks between Somaliland and Somalia, and is against Somaliland’s independence.

However, the Djiboutian Ambassador Mr. Kawaliye, personally attacked the Chairman of UCID Faisal Ali Warabe.

Mr. Kawaliye argued that the UCID chairman does not have any role for relations between Somaliland and Djibouti, and seems to ignore that Faisal Ali Warabe is one of the national chairperson of UCID.

When you watch the press conference of the Djiboutian Representative to Somaliland, he appears be threatening that the Government of Djibouti will fight Faisal Ali-Warabe, and in his statement are outside the diplomatic norms in terms of attacking the Discipline of UCID Chairman’s Discipline and dignity.

It’s not clear if the Somaliland Government will defend Djibouti’s or Somalia’s interest by way of staying mute on the matter or even rebuffing the Chairperson’s views.

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