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Somali Dispatch News is a dynamic source of information that draws on current events from the Horn of Africa and Somali communities worldwide.

It has a broad audience that spans Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The website provides news in real time to communities across the globe that seek impartial, reliable and bipartisan accounts of Somali issues, politics, and interests.

It stands apart from other news outlets simply because it is community based. It strives to be responsive to community needs and promotes interaction and input from its target audience. It also aims to engage the public in knowledge sharing and exchange for the overall benefit of the Somali Diaspora.

After the collapse of the government in Somalia which manifested itself into a protracted civil war that continues till this day and the subsequent separation of the north and south, the medium of mass communication became nonexistent amidst the destruction of a society and the displacement of hundreds of thousands.

Government run radio stations and newspapers were the only existing sources of information for the public, however these institutions were destroyed along with most of the nation’s infrastructure.

In their place came a partisan clan and militia based media which sought allegiance to the warring parties. This complicated the media landscape and at times confused communities in the Horn of Africa and those in the Diaspora that desired correct, genuine, fair and transparent information. The desire grew as more Somalis started migrating from the Horn of Africa to the West and needed help integrating.

By helping to bridge the information divide, a new model of communication was created that allowed us to contribute meaningfully to our new communities. We have been approached by many in the Diaspora to fill the vacuum created by both conventional and clan-based media and for the last twenty years we have demonstrated impeccable service and leadership in the field of Community Radio Broadcasting at CKCU FM in Ottawa, Canada. It was there that Somali dispatch contributors pioneered community radio programming for Somali speaking Canadians and developed the idea to bring the news to the web. Somali dispatch is the first full fledged English website that addresses the unique information needs of the English speaking masses who live both at Home and in the Diaspora. Established in 2009, the website currently receives thousands of visitors a day. It is independently run and can be accessed and contributed to from around the world. The intent of this site is to give Somalis in the Diaspora a forum in which they communicate, share their expertise and ideas with the objective of helping stakeholders and the public in the Horn of Africa to learn more about and understand the core issues facing our community so that we can develop community based solutions to help create an environment both here and abroad that is conducive to all. This website will focus on, but is not limited to the following areas:

◾Integration and Settlement

◾Conflict resolution through dialogue that leads to reconciliation

◾Democracy and the rule of law

◾Good governance

◾Freedom of speech

Funding is a crucial element in the implementation of this website. Somali dispatch has a widespread audience, a high volume of visitors and a dedicated readership, however SD is not in a position to financially embark on this endeavour alone. Therefore we seek your assistance in maintaining Somali Dispatch by inviting you to advertise your products on this site and help us share our story with any potential sponsors who might want to help this worthy project. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Abdikadir Guled, Webmaster

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