Al-Shabab details the deadly Mogadishu Attack

Mogadishu-(SD)-The Al-Shabaab militant group who claimed responsibility for the bombing at the Benadir regional administration headquarters in Mogadishu gave details of their plan for the bombing.

In a statement published in sites that support the group, the explosion was intended to kill UN envoy to Somalia, James Swan, but he survived after the bomb did not go off due to a malfunction.

The group said the blast exploded later that day, killing and injuring members of the Benadir regional administration, including the governor of Banadir region, Abdirahman Omar Osman who was injured.

Also, the group said the explosion was pre-planned at the conference hall of the Benadir regional administration, but did not say who helped launch the blast.

Al-Shabaab has dismissed recent rumors that the blast was carried out by a blind woman who was a Banadir regional administration official, who died at the scene.

Somali security agencies have not released any recent information about the explosion and how it happened, investigations are ongoing on who contributed attack and how the explosives were placed in the administration compound.

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