Ali Guray: Somaliland’s political system is in shambles

Hargeisa (SD) – Independent politician Ali Mohamed Yusuf “Ali Guray” spoke about the current situation in Somaliland, which he said was at its worst ever.

Ali Guray said that Somaliland’s party system and elections have failed, which ended what he described as Somaliland’s desire to be independent.

The policy strongly criticized President Bihi’s leadership, stating that Somaliland is heading toward a dark future, as a result of past due elections.

“Somaliland’s future in 2022 is dark, the people of Somaliland are going to an unknown place, when I say that there is no election, what we have in common is what we have agreed on in the constitution and the laws, when that is gone, I don’t know what is to follow, at times I wonder if Somaliland was like move and its over.” Said Ali Guray speaking to a local TV.

The Somaliland government didn’t respond to Ali Gurey’s criticism of president Muse Bihi, whose administration’s response to criticism is arrest.

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