Cabinet approves agreement between Somali and Turkish Ministries

Mogadishu(SD)-The Somali Federal Government Council of Ministers held their weeklly meeting on Thursday.

The ministers ratified an agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare and Family in the Republic of Turkey.

The consensus on the areas of employment  and labor between the Federal Government of the Somali Republic and the Turkish Republic, The parties are collaborating on labor and employment issues.

The two ministries will combine documents and information related to the requirements and modifications, with a joint committee working to implement and verify issues related to the agreement.

This consensus has already been approved by the Cabinet of the Republic of Turkey.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Saadq Hersi Warfa thanked the Cabinet for approving the agreement.

He said the agreement  will pass it through Parliament, and is of great importance to Somalia.

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