Col.Aare’s negotiation demands and Pres. Bihi’s reactions

Hargeisa(SD)-President Muse Bihi is said to have started talks with a Colonel who had fled his administration to areas of Puntland controlled regions.

Negotiations are on going in a positive way between members of the Colonel Aire community and Somaliland authorities, despite demands for the officer to stop fighting the administration.

The rebel troops are believed to have attempted to move from Kulmiye to the coast yesterday but were blocked by Somaliland forces.

According to sources close the talks, the conditions that the agents of Colonel Aare presented to the administration of Muse Bihi Abdi are that he gets General ranking, his army be nationalized, reimbursed for his weaponry and be given cash settlement.

Muse Bihi, according to these sources is on the verge of fulfilling the request to end the violence.  

Col. Aare has defected to Puntland after the Somaliland forces he was involved in clashed with local Sanaag communities in the region that have been fighting for the past few months.

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