Colonel Arre turns down Somaliland’s peace offer

Hargeisa(SD)-President Bihi’s government has placed additional demands on implementing an agreement between Colonel Arre. A source in the Horn of Africa newspaper said that the traditional leaders who met with Arre had an agreement except Arre’s future.

The sources say the government demanded Colonel Arrere leave the country and request a presidential pardon while abroad, but Col. Arre rejected the proposal.

Traditional leaders involved in the negotiations came to Hargeisa recently while the other hale which included Sultan Mohamed Sultan Hirsi Qani of Sanaag region are working on the issue with the governor of Sanaag Mr Tiimbarow.

President Bihi’s administration sees Col Arre and his group as a thorn in the government’s side, resolving this issue will mean resolving issues in Burao and Sanaag.


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