Displaced people in Beledweyne start returning

Beledweyne(SD)-Families displaced by the recent floods in Beledweyne have begun to slowly return home after flooding subsided.

But in addition to the casualties caused by the floods on the other hand, there are strong impacts on the overall livelihoods of the community and widespread property damage to some of the families affected by the floods.

Travelers who have just begun to return are facing a serious health crisis following an outbreak of severe mosquito-borne water and sewage that still exists in some of the wells. in the suburbs of the city.

There are health warnings to the Beledweyne community and outbreaks of diseases such as malaria and diarrhea that are particularly dangerous for children who are vulnerable to these diseases.

The majority of the people who remain in the displaced areas are still hoping for assistance from the Federal Government of Somalia and the international community in helping them to regain their lives back to their homes, where they lived and some families could not afford to rebuild.

The United Nations says it has donated $ 18.7 Million to flood victims in need of shelter, clean water, food and medical assistance.

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