Djibouti accuses Somaliland of not cooperating to investigate Djibouti bombing case

Djibouti(SD)-The Djibouti government has accused the Somaliland government of failing to cooperate in investigating the case of the 2014 Djibouti bombing.

Statement by US government on counter-terrorism declared the preliminary international cooperation in investigating the 2014 bombing in Djibouti has concluded.

According to the report, the Djiboutian authorities said that the Somaliland judiciary had not been formally cooperated, and the lack of co-operation meant in delaying the investigation.

The case of the 2014 bombing in Djibouti has to do a bombing at the restaurant “La Chaumiere.”

“The Djiboutian government was planning to start a criminal case in 2019, failure to cooperate with the justice system in neighboring Somaliland has contributed to the delay in the investigation. ” according to the published US report.

This report was published on the State Department’s website on 1 November, 2019, and does not include the views and feedback of the Somaliland government on the allegations.

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