Djibouti frees one journalist while two more are wasting away in jail

Djibouti(SD)-Djibouti government released one of the three illegally recently arrested journalist in that repressive country.

The Djibouti League of Human Rights (LDHL) confirmed the release of Mr. Said Abdilahi Yassin who was tortured during his detention.

The league condemned the new arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance of Osman Yonis Bogoreh, a journalist working on cases of abuses by the Djiboutian police.

Kako Houmed Kako, another pro-democracy activist, has also been arrested and is currently arbitrarily detained.

According to the information received, on 30 October 2019 at 6 pm, Mr. Said Abdilahi Yassin was released by the Djibouti City police without charge against him.

During his detention, Mr. Said Abdilahi Yassin was tortured: deprived of water and food, he was beaten many times by his guards, who also insulted and humiliated him.

At around 7 pm on the same day, Mr. Osman Yonis Bogoreh was again arrested by plainclothes police officers around his home in the Balbala neighborhood of Djibouti City, only four days after being released by the police. Friends of Mr. Osman Yonis Bogoreh witnessed this new arrest. The relatives and the lawyer of Mr. Osman Yonis Bogoreh have so far received no news from him and do not know where he is currently detained.

The repressive regime in Djibouti is known for it’s crackdown on journalist and pro democracy entities.

 While the freedom of speech defenders in that country welcome the move to free Mr. Said Abdilahi Yassin, they vowed to keep demonstrating for the desperately needed democratic change.

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