Djibouti manipulates telecommunication laws in Somaliland, once again

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s two Houses of Parliament passed an amendment to the country’s telecommunications law this week, ensuring the country’s free market values, or was it?

Political analysts in and outside the country were seen and heard debating how did Somcable land a monopoly on the Fiber Optic Cable service to begin with.

Somcable had Djibouti’s full support in 2011 and pressured the Silanyo government to secure the monopoly through the Parliament.

What changed

in a short few years, Djibouti realized it made tactical mistake, when Somcable failed to get the project of the ground.

Also, Somcable CEO stopped to collaborate with Djibouti’s ruling Family on other projects.

Both Dahabshil and Telesom were busy networking and building relationships with Djibouti.

Its Djibouti that pushed the removal of Somcable’s Monopoly in Somaliland and ensuring its partners Dahabshiil and Telesom get in on the lucrative Fiber Optic business.

Sources confirmed for Somali Dispatch that Somcable CEO Mohamed Aw Said despite his disagreement with the new law, will get shares on the new plan.

Djibouti seems to wield substantial political power in Somaliland, due to its financial contributions to president Bihi’s presidential campaign.

President Bihi was not correcting a wrong, rather was following Djibouti’s will on the matter, as confirmed by sources close to the entities involved.

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