EU Ambassador in Hargeisa dealing with election issues

Hargeisa (SD) – The European Union’s Ambassador to Somalia has arrived in Hargeisa today, as We previously reported.

The Ambassador is to engage with the Somaliland parties and the president on issues related to elections.

The EU Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga Has met with The Chairman Supreme Court Nasir Haji Ali and the parties this evening, according to sources close to the meetings.

The EU ambassador has tabled proposals to meditate the election committee issues.

Nicolas Berlanga is reported to be pressuring the opposition parties in excepting the current electoral commission.

And on the other hand the ambassador is pressuring the Somaliland president in reversing his call to primary the national parties and holding parliamentary and local elections this year.

There is also a suggestion from The Eu ambassador In utilizing the previous election commission as a technical support.

The meetings with the parties has concluded, but there hasn’t been any information released about the outcome of those discussions

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