Former Puntland Vice-president the new Somalia ambassador to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa(SD) – The President of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, HE Sahle -work Zewde has excepted the credentials for the new Somalia ambassador to Ethiopia, Abdihakim Haji Omar Amey, the former vice-president of Puntland state of Somalia.

Ethiopia’s President, Sahle -work Zewde, has received credentials from the new Somali ambassador to the country, as part of strengthening relations between the two countries, according to the ambassador.

Diplomats from the Ethiopian Embassy in Ethiopia and members of the Ethiopian government officials attended the reception.

This is yet another attempt by Mogadishu to find a wedge issue between Somaliland and Somalia.

Ethiopia has an historic diplomatic and security ties with Somaliland and eve since president Farmajo’s inauguration, his mission has been to get the neighbouring countries on his governments side.

What better way to do that than appoint a former Puntland Vice-president and a politician that hails from the disputed Sool region.

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