Government of Somalia at last delivers aid to Beledweyne

Beledweyne(SD)-The government of Somalia has delivered for the first time aid to the city of Beledweyne to assist thousands of people displaced by flooding along the Shabelle River.

The plane carrying the aid was accompanied by members of the Flood Emergency Committee announced yesterday by the Prime Minister of Somalia, as they will participate in emergency relief and coordination services for tens of thousands of people displaced by the floods.

Hawa Ahmed Rijaal, Humanitarian Management Coordinator for Hiran, told the media that the plane was carrying tents, utensils and other supplies for the flood victims.

In the coming hours, the city is also set to receive additional rainfall relief measures, including government aid for those displaced by the Shabelle River.

Somali Minister of Aid and Disaster Management Hamza Said Hamza said the government will in the future plan to address the ongoing floods along the Shabelle River.

People in Beledweyne flee from their homes every year, especially when and during heavy rains in the Ethiopian highlands.

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