Insurance Agreement between two companies from Somalia and Turkey

The joint venture between the two companies from Somalia and Turkey, comes after a visit to Turkey by the head of Somali Islamic Insurance company Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, accompanied by consultant Hilaal Sheikh Osman. held meetings with Turkish businessmen.

The trip to Turkey was to develop the Islamic Insurance Company in Somalia, and enter into a joint venture with the Turkish Insurance Company and establish a Turkish-owned company in Somalia.

The purpose of this is in order for the Somali community to find a reliable insurance company to provide insurance services, such as Health Insurance, Ticket Insurance, Auto Insurance, etc.

The deal was signed by the head of Islamic insurance company Mohamed Abdi Mohamed and Turkish insurance company Arif Hikmet Cesur, who is also a consultant to the Ministry of Finance in Turkey.

The agreement was signed with the presence of the Somali Ambassador to Turkey Hon. Abdullahi Mohamed Aideed, Turkish officials and businessmen from the Turkish government.

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