Is the U.S. Embassy’s Statement on Somalia’s Political Situation signaling of a new approach?

Mogadishu(SD)-The United States has issued a press release for the first time in Somalia in recent months amid unprecedented levels of conflict between the federal government, regional governments and opposition politicians.

The US in the statement seems to be equally calling all Somalis to work together, rather then the sides adhering to the federal government of Somalia.

“The United States calls on the Federal Government of Somalia, all Federal Member States, and citizens of Somalia to work towards political reconciliation, cooperation, and unity through peaceful dialogue.” said the US statement.

The statement encourages all Somalis to work with Somalia’s International partners equally, again a clear an indication of the US working with all sides and not just the federal government.

“Somalia has made impressive progress in key areas. We encourage all actors to come together and remain focused on working with Somalia’s international partners to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Somalia.” said the statement

In recent years, the United States seemed to have been closely supporting the government led by President Farmajo, and often does not comment on the growing political situation.

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