James Swan appeals to Jubaland election commission again and their response

Kismayo(SD)-UN Special Representative to Somalia James Swan urged the Jubbaland Electoral Commission to comply with all international appeals, although he thanked the committee for postponing the presidential election time to give the candidates an opportunity.

“Our letter of 8th August, which I sent to you on behalf of Somalia friends worldwide, We emphasized the importance of a clear, agreed and reliable election system, that can earn the support of the people of Jubaland and lead to the unity of the Jubaland community, ”James Swan wrote in a letter to the Jubbaland Electoral Commissioner Hamza.

The UN representative noted in his letter that if not implemented these measures requested, the international community will not support the outcome of the Jubaland election process.

The Jubbaland Border and Electoral Commission has sent a response letter to United Nations Representative to Somalia, Swan Swan, stating that the Jubbaland Presidential election will be held in a timely manner and will not be postponed.

The commission Chair Hamza Abdi said that they are the final stages of the Jubbaland election process., his statement added that 7 steps have been taken to reform the electoral process so that it can be inclusive. such as, the reopening of the voter registration for a three-day period, which runs from 17 to 19 August.

The Commission indicated that all requirements for the election and constitutional procedures were met.

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