Jubaland;s Vice President in Talks with Villa Somalia

Nairobi (SD) – Jubaland administration’s first President Mohamud Sayid Adan is in talks with the federal government of Somalia, according to credible sources.

Mr. Sayid is said to be in Nairobi ever since he clashed with other high ranking Jubaland officials in Gedo, sources indicated.

Mohamud Sayid Adan spoke by phone with un-identified officials at the Somali presidency in Mogadishu and apparently reached an agreement in principle.

Forces loyal to the First Vice President withdrew from their positions ever since the talks with Mogadishu started.

The talks are being overseen by NISA Deputy Commander Abdullahi Kulane and Deputy of Gedo Governor Moalimow both currently in Gedo.

The Somali federal government has been placing pressure Jubaland administration over the past several months, causing some authorities to surrender and some moved to Kenya.

Jubaland authorities didn’t respond to the news that its first Vice president is in talks with the federal government of Somalia.

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