Kenya seeks non-ICJ court solution for maritime case

Nairobi(SD)-The Kenyan government seems to be taking advantage of the postponement of the maritime case against Somalia, and is working to settle the case outside the ICJ court.

The Kenyan government said it will seek to end the maritime dispute before reopening the court in two months, and said mediation efforts are underway.

Foreign Minister Monica Juma said the Kenyan government is working to find a solution outside the Court to get a resolution “We prefer the solution to be reached in through dialogue, ”says Monic Juma.

The Somali government has repeatedly rejected a series of requests from the Kenyan government, all of which had to do the two countries to discuss their maritime dispute through dialogue.

The case is set to reopen on 04 November this year, due to a request by the Kenyan government to the court.

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