Kulmiye government’s Extra marital affairs continues, Shame

Hargeisa(SD)-The previous Kulmiye cabinet, and honestly all Somali leaders, have the worst record when it comes to extra marital affairs with young women.

The Silanyo cabinet ministers were notorious for extra marital affairs, which apparently did not get them fired.

However, the cabinet ministers were forced in covering up their affairs by marrying their alleged mistresses due to being exposed by the public and media.

Some of the infamous culprits from Silanyo’s governments included Ministers; Mohamud Hashi, Abdullahi Ukuse, Mohamed Omar, Hussein Elided, Mohamed Gabose, Mohamed Ibrahim Qabo, Suleiman Haglotosiye, Abdullahi Geljieh, and so on.

A source close to the former and current occupant of the Somaliland’s presidential palace, told us about a new scandal engulfing one of his most trusted cabinet members.    

The source, who spoke to us on a condition of anonymity told us Ali Ibrahim Jama is implicated in an extra marital affair.

The source continued to say, once Baghdadi was allegedly exposed he had a gunshot marriage. 

The Somaliland Central Bank Governor, has never spoke to this allegation. 

Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi is from Toronto and has a wife and children living there.

It’s not clear how president Muse Bihi who is notably squeaky clean will react to this issue.   

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