Minister of Constitution: We are committed to finalizing the Constitution

Mogadishu(SD)-The Minister of Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia HE Salah Ahmed Jama has announced that the three institutions, the Ministry, the Constitutional Review Committee, the Independent Review and Implementation Commission are committed in completing the Constitution.

“We are committed as these three institutions that constitutional activities should not be an open-source project, We want the constitution to be completed as soon as possible ”. said Minster Salah Jama.

Director General of the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr said the meeting was important for the three institutions as the deadline for finalizing the constitution is coming to an end.

Moumino Sheikh Omar, Deputy Chairman of the Independent Review and Implementation Committee, said that the committee was very pleased to attend the meeting, and noted that the independent committee will present its work at the conference. and it’s plans.

Senator Abdi Qeybdiid the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Monitoring the Re-Review and Implementation Commission, said that completing constitution was one of the topics discussed on the meeting.

It is worth noting that the plan is to finish discussions on completion of the constitution next three days.

Somalia had an on going efforts that seems endless in completing a constitution that is their own an service it’s propose.

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