Mustafa Cagjar: our trade with Somaliland has grown

Jigjiga (SD) – President of the Somali regional state Mustafa Mohamed Omar (Cjarjar) said that trade between Somaliland and the Somali regional government in Ethiopia has grown exponentially and is expected to increase further. 

The president of Ethiopia, Mustafa Cagjar, said he welcomed his fellow Somalis for mutual benefit, and spoke deeply about Somaliland’s shared security. 

“The relationship between the local government and Somaliland on security is very good, you know that a large delegation from Somaliland recently came here under the leadership of the national army and they discussed to some extent how to strengthen border security, this is part of the daily cooperation between us and Somaliland, The Ethiopian government’s economy is part of Berbera development, you are familiar with the trade growth between the two peoples” Cagjar said. 

The Ethiopian state government had made significant changes to its governance approach since Mr. Cagjar had been elected to lead. 

The local Ethiopian state has still long way to go in earning the public confidence and transparency in governing. 

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