PM Roble, regional state leaders meet opposition figures

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble and the regional state leaders have last night held talks with the opposition leaders who rejected recently released framework for elections by the Country’s National Consultative Council following two day talks in Somali capital, Mogadishu.

During a dinner hosted by Galmudug state leader, Ahmed Abdi Kariye, the leaders held tripartite meeting whose agenda did not disclose.

“Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of the FGS, Presidents of the regional States and the Union of Candidates attended a dinner hosted by the President of the Galmudug State of Somalia, Ahmed Abdi Kariye,” office of the prime minister said.

On Monday, the council of the presidential candidates (CPC) has rejected the framework on grounds that it was taking rights of locals away and giving them to federal state presidents who may manipulate the vote.

In a statement, CPC warned that such election criteria will likely cause civil strife as the public and international partners were likely to lose confidence in the new administration. 

“The Council is unequivocally opposed to the election protocols agreed upon by the National Consultative Forum,” the statement reads in part.

In a communique issued on Sunday following two-day long talks by PM roble, Mogadishu mayor and regional state leaders in Mogadishu, the National Consultative Council said the delegates to vote for MPs will be determined by federal states.

The Lower House, or House of the People, is expected to fill its 275 seats.

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