Political warfare between Djibouti-Kenya intensifies

Djibouti (SD) – The Kenyan government has complained about Djibouti’s strong campaign for the African seat at UN security council.

The African Union (AU) has officially declared Kenya the seat winner last year, after Kenya got the most support at the AU. The AU has submitted its decision to New York to ensure that the AU recognizes Kenya.

But Djibouti has not stopped campaigning for the seat, and Kenya has declared Djibouti’s move as a sign of disrespect to the AU.

Kenya’s foreign ministry has accused Djibouti of not excepting the African Union’s decision and the results of the African Union’s competition results.

The Djibouti government said in a statement that it had effectively blocked Kenya’s candidacy for the UN Security Council and said the African Union’s executive committee didn’t approve Kenya’s bit.

African Union countries have written papers African ambassadors in New York, urging them to give special consideration to Kenya’s candidacy for the seat and informed them that Djibouti and Kenya had competed in Addis Ababa for the seat and Kenya won.

The Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC), has the power to make decisions on who represents Africa at the UN Security Council, is empowered to do so by African presidents.

Djibouti does not seem to want to comply with the proposals of the Council and the African Union, and Djibouti says it has the support of many countries, and has accused Kenya of not able to take the responsibility for Africa’s security.

The official election for the seat will take place in New York in June this year.

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