Pres. Bihi announces the end of the violence in Sanaag region

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi said the long-running violence in Ceel-Afweyn and the entire Sanaag region is coming to an end.

“The people there in the past, those who stayed to negotiate a peace deal, we all agreed that it is time for peace agreement, and now is just a question of adapting to the law. Today, there is no conflict between the government, our elders and our youth. it will end in peace and the country is peaceful. ”said Mr. Bihi.

The president’s statement follows recent attempts by traditional Somaliland intellectuals to end the conflict in the Sanaag region, they received cooperation from the government and the general administration of the Sanaag region.

Similarly, the insurgents formed by Col. A’are based in Qardho town and negotiations with A’ere and the government are on going, led by elders from the A’are’s region.

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