Pres. Deni warns Federal government of extension

Garowe(SD)-Puntland regional president, Said Abdullahi Dani, has addressed Somalia’s political future, particularly the 2020 elections.

He doubts the likelihood of one man one vote by next year as it was originally planned.

Although it is unclear what kind of election will take place in Somalia the next election cycle, and the manner in which it takes place, however, the chairwoman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (NEC) Hallimo Yarey has repeatedly stated that Somalia next election will be one man one vote.

“I have no idea if the federal authorities are talking about how the next election will take place. The local authorities and central authorities did not come together to discuss how to move away from 4.5 system.” said President Deni.

President Deni also spoke of reports that the federal government of Somalia may be planning to extend their term.

“One of the issues Somalis are in agreement is an extension on terms cannot happen in this country. This country is in a political process, to establish its institutions. There is a Somali consensus that the election should take place on time ”. President Deni added.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, chaired by Halima Yarey, who spoke earlier this year about the possibility of public elections in the country, and they are working on it.

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