President Bihi excepts release of opposition officials

Hargeisa (SD) – A delegation led by Somaliland elders and intellectuals said today that both opposition parties and the government have given them their confidence to mediate their political dispute.

The delegation said President Bihi granted the release of Wadani party officials who have been in jail since last week and was for the first time brought to court yesterday.

Wadani Officials were arrested for calling on their supporters to their Hargeisa Headquarters in order to update them on the country’s political situation.

Somaliland opposition parties have accused the government for this and other election related issues, claimed Muse Bihi is acting as a dictator.

The Somaliland government responded to these allegations by claiming it is following the constitution and that the opposition parties were engaged in unlawful activities.

Having secured the release of the Wadani officials and the confidence of both sides of the dispute, the mediation committee is expected resolve the rest of the remaining issues, such as the electoral commission and the parliament extensions.

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