President Bihi pardons Pirates and Prisoner’s of war, but not Col. Arre

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has refused to pardon defected Col. Arre despite the request of the traditional and political leaders of the nation.

Mr. Bihi himself, along with Mr. Kahin the current minister of Interior once resigned as ministers in the cabinet of the first President of Somaliland Mr. Abdirahman Tur.

The two later joined a militia group fighting the government, yet somehow the two have forgotten that Somaliland had forgiven them.

President Bihi, in consultation with Mr. Kahin have recently pardoned 21 Pirretes convicted in Seychelles who were serving their jail term in Hargeisa, due to an agreement between the two countries.

Also, Mr. Bihi has released 14 captured Puntland prisons of war in an exchange mediated by Red Cross.

But Astonishingly president Bihi rejected a negotiated peace deal with Col. Arre.

The Kulmiye admiration failed to implement an agreement to bring about peace in the eastern regions of Somaliland.

what is even more astonishing is the president’s logic in pardoning the Cornel’s army but not him.

According to sources close to the president who spoke to us with a condition of anonymity, President Bihi was pressured in not excepting the deal, and that Gen. Tani rejected it.

It wasn’t long ago, when Gen. Tani publicly undermind the president’s mediation efforts by saying Col. Arre was a criminal.

The sources didn’t elaborate were the situation is heading, but the president looks weak in not excepting a deal he wanted all along.

It’s not yet know what the government is planning to do about Arre and his rebels.

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  1. A sick heart cannot see the light. It was not Mr. Bihi and Mr. Kahin but it was a popular uprising of the people of Somaliland against Abdulrehman, may Allah be merciful to him, after he betrayed Somaliland and he joined General Aided of Somalia as his vice president. So Mr. Bihi and Mr. Kahin joined the effort to fight betrayal. They did not fight against Somaliland but against someone who betrayed Somaliland.

    Now, you may not understand because even though you can write few sentences but it’s beyond your comprehension what a government means and what is a constitution. The president made an oath to preserve the constitution. Mr. Arreh is a rebel who took arms against the state and he should stand in front of a military court. After, the President might extend amnesty to him.

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