President Deni Says Villa Somalia offered him a bribe

Garowe(SD)-President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Mohamed, spoke about the dispute between Puntland and the Somali Federal Government, saying that Puntland does not seek money and projects from Villa Somalia, but wants to get its share of the country’s power sharing system (4.5).

The president pointed out that Somalia’s power-sharing system is based on a clan-based system, where each clan has a stake in the government, so Puntland is always looking for it’s stake in the central government.

Mr Deni noted that while in Puntland, every community is taking account of their proportion of seats in Puntland, and the same should be considered at the federal level.

He also said that since he was elected president of Puntland, he was determined to hold Villa Somalia accountable to Puntland’s stake in the central government, and appealed to the public to support his decision.

The president said he was repeatedly offered money by Villa Somalia to relinquish his decision to hold the federal government accountable, but he rejected it.

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