Presidential reporter arrested in Puntland

Garowe (SD) – Puntland security forces arrested journalist Mohamed Somane, a special correspondent for the Puntland presidential palace in Garowe.

Omar Somane has been arrested for reporting to a local radio station in Mogadishu, a report that Puntland described as fraudulent.

It is worth noting that the presidential palace did not speak to the arrest, and most of the top officials are currently abroad.

One of the journalist’s most recent report has to do with a 150 students who recently left Puntland and received an scholarships in Turkey, the reporter claimed the students went to Mogadishu for their High School exams.

The Federal Government and Puntland is currently in a dispute as to the jurisdiction of those exams.

Mohamed Somane reportedly apologised for that report , then was fired and arrested.

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