Puntland calls for consultative regional meetings with allies and opposition parties in Somalia

Garowe (SD) – Puntland president Said Deni, has invited a joint meeting with some of Puntland’s allied states and the Somali opposition parties to discuss Somalia’s electoral issues.

Although Puntland has not announced the conference, local media is reporting information that the conference will be held in Garowe with regional leaders and their allies regarding the 2020/2021 election.

The parties will discuss their political positions on the Somali electoral law, which was recently passed by the Somali parliament and is currently before the upper house of parliament.

The conference is set to take place on January 9, a day after President Deni celebrates the first anniversary of his election.

Regional governments and opposition parties, one of Somalia’s most influential political stakeholders, are concerned by the electoral law, insisting that the law allows the federal government to administer the next election as it sees it fit.

Recently, the opposition parties accused the federal government of withdrawing from all of previous agreements.

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