Puntland consultative conference restricts media access

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland Consultative conference’s organizing committee informed journalists that they are not permitted to record the event.

The committee said only journalists from the state media could record and take photos of the conference, and then share the information with the independent media.

Although the press was passes, as we have learned, the plan is to be taken to a center outside the convention site, meaning that the press would not monitor what is going on at the convention center.

This is seen by many as a deliberate way of restricting and controlling the media, therefore controlling the narrative.

The current government under President Deni has restricted press freedoms and limited freedom of expression and is seen utilizing social media, especially Facebook.

Article 14 of the Puntland Constitution states that every person is free to express his opinion in speech, writing, image, literature, media and other legal and ethical means.

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