Puntland quarantines 10 people who arrived from Somaliland

Garowe (SD) – Puntland has quarantined 10 people who traveled from Somaliland, according to Puntland’s health minister. Jama Farah Hassan.

The Minister of Health said this at a press conference with Puntland media today and pointed out that these people from Somaliland were isolated, as to ensure they are not infected with Corvid-19.

The total number of people currently being quarantined in Puntland are 15, four of whom are from India and the rest are Puntlanders.

Meanwhile, Puntland will release a comprehensive report on the situation soon. Also, a curfew will be introduced tomorrow.

The president of Puntland is the chairman of the Anti Coronavirus committee, with the entire cabinet working to fight the disease.

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