Shabelle river floods Beledweyne,again

Beledweyne(SD)-More families have been displaced in the last few hours in Beledweyne following flooding of the Shabelle River in that city.

Heavy rains in the Ethiopian highlands and parts of the region have caused heavy flooding on the Shabelle River, causing to displace  Hawo Taako, Koshin residence, displaced families are current living in El-Jaaale on the outskirts of Beledweyne.

Although the flooding didn’t impact all the neighborhoods of the city, yet, there is a growing fear on heavy rainfall over the Ethiopian highlands, if those waters reach the city it can cause people to be trapped in their homes, therefore are leaving their residence early.

Hiraan regional administration has warned residents in the city about the risk of flooding, and the administration is calling on families in the areas where the floods have started to pay more attention as not fall victim to flood damage.

There haven’t been sufficient flood mitigation or relieve for the victims of the Hiran flood victims as of yet.

Residents are looking to the federal government of Somalia to assistance in relocation and support.

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