Shabelle River floods in Beledweyne again

Beledweyne(SD)-Shabelle River in the last few hours has started flooding the entire Beletweyne town, after heavy rains last night.

In the city’s central streets, water began to flow, indicating that the floods were as bad as the worst seen in that city, and the flooding of Bunda-main neighborhood has a major impact on businesses and some of them still have a wide range of products including food.

Hiran Governor Ali Mohamed Arale said the displaced are about 50,000 people who have settled in the plains on the outskirts of Eljaale.

Electricity in the city has been cut off, and companies are afraid to harm pedestrians as most of the transformers are located in flood-prone areas.

In Beledweyne, in the rainy season each year people prepare for flooding along the Shabelle River, especially when it rains regularly in the Ethiopian highlands.

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