Sheikh Shakir describes the war in Dhusamareb as ‘genocide’

Garowe (SD) – Sheikh Mohammed Shakir in a press release claims to be the president of Galmudug, despite loosing politically in a head on clash with the federal government.

His statement accuses the Somali prime minister of being behind the war in Dhusamareb, calling it a genocide.

The cleric when putting out the statement was in Garowe, Puntland, he then traveled to Kenya, accompanied by Ahlu Sunna leader Mahmoud Sheikh Hassan Farah.

Its not known what the Ahlu Sunna leaders are planning to do in Nairobi, as the Somali federal government packed administration is in charged of former Ahlu Sunna strongholds.

Sheikh Shakir’s claim of being Galmudug’s presidency makes him the third official claiming to be Galmudug President.

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