Somali freedom party announced in Toronto, Canada

Toronto(SD)-A Somali Freedom Party announcement event was held in Toronto, Canada.

Various people, including officials from the province of Ontario and Toronto-based organizations, participated in the event.

The party’s chairman, Ahmed Omar Gagale, told the attendees the party’s vision of justice, trust, unity, equality and anti-corruption.

Somali Freedom Party Ahmed Omar Gagale

The people who attended and spoke at the event spoke to the importance of the multi-party system, to overcome the power-sharing based on 4.5 which is an insult to Somalis.

Ontario’s MPP from York South Weston, Faisal Hassan welcomed the new party, adding that this is the way to overcome the current political situation.

Gurey Haji Hassan, chairman of the Somali-based consulting center in Mogadishu and Said Jama Qoorsheel, who previously held various ministries in previous governments, also emphasized the importance of parties and the need to ensure that the clan-based system is eliminated. 

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