Somali Freelance Journalist’s page targeted in an effort to silence him

Hargeisa (SD) – Khalid Fodhadhi n independent journalists working in Hargeisa had his Facebook page hacked in what seems to be as an effort to silence and intimidate him.

The Journalist recently had his life threatened by a Somaliland civil servant, who later claimed his phone was stolen.

“Hello, Thank God, my Facebook Page which I use to share news and reports with you is back in my control, after it was hijacked and was taken control by a group of gangs.” Said Khalid in a post.

This is yet another low for those who oppose freedom of the press and fight journalist wo are doing what is already a difficult profession.

“I am especially grateful to everyone who helped me get back to my important page, especially my friend Ahmed Mohamed, a businessman, who technically helped me get the page back in my hands.” Said the Journalist.

The victim didn’t say who was behind the hack, but its safe to assume this is a sustained effort of partisans in Somaliland, who for somehow prefer a government parrot like reporting over truth based journalism.

The Somaliland government didn’t say if it planed to do anything about the previous death threats against Khalid Fodhadhi by a government employee.

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