Somali Islamic clerics warn against financing terrorist groups

Mogadishu(SD)-Somali religious scholars have called on the Somali people and business people not to give shelter and support to al-Shabaab  and ISIS terrorist groups.

Sheikh Nur Barudud Gurhan, vice chairman of the Somali Islamic Scholars Association, told national media that al-Shabaab extorts money from businessmen.

He added that some businessmen are contributing to the massacre committed by the terrorists as long as the money they pay is used to buy weapons to bomb the Somali people.

The chairman of the Somali Association of Islamic Scholars, Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salad, also called on the misguided youth to return from the wrong path and the wrong ideology of Al-Shabaab.

These Islamic Clerks calls came days after one of the largest bombings by Al Shabab targeted at a Banadir’s local government center.


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