Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs: no changes in relations with Ethiopia

Hargeisa (SD) – The Government of Somaliland has talked about the relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia, denying an article from a newspaper in Ethiopia claiming that Somaliland was concerned about the change in Ethiopian policy.

Foreign Minister Yasin Mohamud Hir Faraton said that the article published in the Ethiopian newspaper was a fantasy and false, the people quoted were people who were just talking among themselves and not officials who spoke publicly about Ethiopian politics.

He also said that some people were suspicious of meetings with the president of Somalia, Eritrea and the Ethiopian prime minister, who saw it as being a problem for Somaliland, but noted that Somaliland could not be ignored, and that these meetings were normal.

Also, the minister said that the Ethiopian ambassador retired and will be replaced, and the office is still functioning.

The minister’s remarks came after the Ethiopian newspaper published a report which claimed that Somaliland was concerned about the change in Ethiopian policy by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Somaliland has never leveraged its security and economic agreements in getting a favorable government policy from the Ethiopian governments, due to inept political leaders.

Its high time Somaliland government and public put pressure on their counter parts in having a better and progressive bilateral relationships.


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