Somaliland opposition reach out to Qatar for support, sources say

Doha (SD) – Somaliland opposition parties have turned to Qatar for financial help according to sources in Doha.

Sources close to the Somaliland opposition in Doha, have confirmed for Somali Dispatch, that the government of Qatar is looking to balance UEA power in the horn of Africa, and so does the opposition.

The Somaliland opposition currently lacks funds and political packing for their renewed calls against president Bihi’s secret deal with Somalia and UAE, the source added.

Qatar succeeded in keeping UAE out of Somalia through funding the governments opposition parties there.

Somaliland opposition parties have started the leg work on stablishing ties with Qatari foreign ministry and special interest groups through their supporters in Doha.

Wadani and UCID leadership are interested in meeting with and discussing ways the two can help each other through diplomacy and funding.

The source didn’t tell us what level meetings the two have had in recent weeks, but said the relationship is developing rather quickly.

The Somaliland opposition parties called for swift presidential election, in response to the president’s call to primary the Somaliland parties two years ahead of their scheduled elections.

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