Somaliland plans to compete in trade with Ethiopia in Wajale

Wajale(SD)-The government of Somaliland is in the process of establishing a major trading center in Wajale town to enable it to compete with Ethiopia.

The plan for Somaliland is to establish a branch in the Central Bank of Somaliland, , a delegation led by the Governor of the Central Bank including Gabiley County Administration, and Gabiley District, and Wajaale Town Heads were present in town to establish just that.

Mr. Ali Ibrahim Jama (Baghdadi) explained the purpose of the trip and his plans, and said, “We have already sent a technical committee that has studied, and we have been satisfied to open a branch here.

Wajir Mayor Hashi Mohamud Gedi and Governor of Gabiley Mohamed Osman Indho-Ballac also thanked the Governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland and warmly welcomed the opening of Wajaale City Bank of Somaliland.

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