Somaliland police address attack on Borama station

Borama(SD)-Deputy Chief of Police Brigadier General Farah Mohamed Mire said a group of trouble makers attacked Borama police station this morning, and later fled to the Ethiopian border.

The deputy commander noted that some had been captured, while others had ran off, the city is currently calm.

The deputy commander said some of the some of the attackers had been taken into custody, others were pursuing them, and said there were no casualties.

Meanwhile, Sultan Weber, who previously founded the anti-Somaliland militia, has now claimed the attack and said he will continue fighting.

The public see the deputy commanders response to the incident insufficient, there should be one that escapes to Ethiopia, given the security pact the two countrie currently have.

 One can imagine militiamen who attacked am Ethiopian police station finding refuge in Somaliland, why aren’t the Ethiopians held to fulfill the security agreement between the two countries.

Somaliland needs leaders that will tell the Ethiopians to uphold their side of the bargain, agreements should benefit both parties.

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