Somaliland president gives the opposition Parties an ultimatum

Hargeisa (SD) – The president of Somaliland who met with the leaders of the opposition parties yesterday had urged them to support his political plans, or else, according to sources close to the opposition leaders.

The meeting was supposed to be about the controversial visit by President Farmajo to Hargeisa with the PM of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed, this Saturday.

Instead, president Bihi informed the opposition parties, who are against the visit, that he would demolish the parties and reopen the process to have three new parties in the country.

The opposition parties, who were not expecting the president’s outburst were taken back and stormed out of the meeting.

If the Somaliland president decided to follow through with his threat, he will announce it at this mornings speech at the Parliament.

The Somaliland president is suspected of inviting the Somalia’s president and the Ethiopian president to Hargeisa amid public outcry of the decision.

The last time Somaliland went through the election of three national parties was November 2012, there was lots of violence due to corruption and lack of proper oversight.

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