Two prominent Intellectuals to form a Political Party in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Reports indicate that Two prominent Intellectuals are rumored to be interested in stablishing a political association in Somaliland.

News comes after Somaliland president announced he plans to primary the three national parties earlier.

The two professors rumored to stablish the yet un-named association are Ahmed Ismail Samatar and the former Khatumo president Ali Khalif Galaydh.

Both were seen touring Somaliland together months ago, in what was seen as a politically motivated discussions with the public.

That tour was cut short by the Bihi government, when the topics of discussions were deemed taboo.

With the political parties imminent primary, and the inclusivity conversations running high, the two professors would be seen as breath of fresh political air in Somaliland.

Kulmiye is feeling the heat the most, with the two professors and others like UDUB challenging the status quo.

Surly, if these speculations are true, it sure will be the end of Kulmiye’s tribal allegiance rule and the emergence of a truly National parties in Somaliland.

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  1. Thanks to president Muse Bih´s announcement to pave the way out for opening a system of competing multi parties in the Land. i think it is the right direction and the right time to lit a light in the tunnel for an inclusive Somaliland, specially a Party that hails from east and west which, I hope, could be a uniting factor to both “Beesha Dhexe and Beelaha Darafyada” and which, I believe, can stir a nod of approval from the International Community.

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