UCID Re-nominates an existing commissioner, limiting representation

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID Chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe has nominated Abdifatah Ibrahim Hassan as the party’s representative to Somaliland’s electoral commission, the nominee represented the party in Somaliland’s previous two electoral commissions.

The nomination follows President Bihi’s recent rejection of the re-appointment of Hassan Yusuf Duale by UCID Party Chairman, who recently resigned from the commission.

If the Somaliland president excepts his nomination Abdifatah Ibrahim Hassan will be a member of both the election commission and the technical committee over seeing the upcoming elections.

Its not known what will be the political faith of the former commissioner Hassan Yusuf Duale whom the chairman needlessly pressured to resign from his position.

Some see this move as a reduction in UCID representation in the election process, as the party could have had two members representing its interest in the election process, yet another mis step by the chairman.

Somaliland is gearing up for dateless election yet again, nevertheless, the opposition parties are pushing for an election to happen within 2020.

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