UN envoy meets with UCID leadership

Hargeisa (SD) – The leader of UCID Party, led by UCID Party Chairman, Eng. Feisal Ali Hussein met with the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Somalia Ambassador Swan.

The meeting, which lasted for over an hour, a number of issues were discussed, including Somaliland’s democratization process, the Somaliland-Somalia dialogue on how to restart them, Somalia’s debt forgiveness, and Somaliland’s role in it, and the overall situation in the Horn of Africa.

The two parties also agreed that the elections of local councils and representatives should be held within 2020.

The UCID leadership returned to the country hours before the meeting with a huge welcome party at the airport and the party headquarters.

The UN delegation had earlier met with the Somaliland president at the presidential palace.

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  1. I am fully support with UCID in where they stand of the election but more importantly they should be cautious for inflicting a war in the process because of the current administration whose not reluctant to upheld the election.

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