Undisclosed agreement between President Bihi and Col. Arre

Hargeisa(SD)-Col Arre a decorated Somaliland Commander has defected from the Somaliland army in the beginning of 2018 due to the El-Afweyn conflict.

Since then, Traditional leaders from Col. Arre’s clan and Somaliland government have been trying to resolve the issue.

The side of the El-Afweyn conflict, aligned with Kulmiye, had an issue with the president extending amnesty to Col. Arre’s rebel group due to deaths attributed to the Colonel and his troops, which led to his defection.

That is why the public and some traditional leaders were confused at the meeting, and about the drama that played out in front of the cameras this week at the presidential palace in Hargeisa.

You had the Garhajis traditional leaders requesting that president Bihi pardon the rebel group, and him only pardoning the troops and not Col Arre.

The reason being, the president not wanting to alienate his supporters in El Afweyn and also wanting to bring peace to Sanag region.

According to sources close to the president and are briefed in the matter, told us that president Muse Bihi and Col. Arre spoke and have an agreement in place.

The source also indicated that all of Col. Arre’s demands were met in secrecy, and the president gets to save face with his supporters.

To insure this, it was agreed that all parties play along, including Col. Arre’s rejection of the president’s offer.

Otherwise, you would’ve had the Garhajis leaders coming out of the presidential palace fuming and condemning the president, rather they were seen posing Selfies and declaring peace.

However, the El Afweyn Kulmiye supporters are left not knowing what happened, pundits declaring that the Kulmiye coalition is in tact and Garhajis are humiliated.

Far From it, the government got what it wanted, so did the Garhajis and Col. Arre.

But the Kulmiye partisans who wanted revenge and those that wanted to politically cash in on the situation got played.


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