Wadani Leader couldn’t oust rogue politicians

Hargeisa (SD) – Wadani party central committee rejects the removal of politicians in support of president Bihi’s call to primary the national parties.

Wadani party chairman Dr Abdirahman Irro has proposed to the party’s executive committee to consult on the discipline of parliamentarians Ibrahim Mahdi Buba and Mohamed Arrale Dur.

Although it is said that the National Executive Committee has not voted, source told Somali Dispatch members of the committee immediately objected to the governor’s opinion which led to the omission of Abdirahman Irro’s proposal.

Irro, who wanted the members to be removed after their recent support for President Bihi’s call in opening the establishment of political organizations.

The Failed Wadani move to remove these politicians comes a day after UCID central committee fired and suspended politicians accused of similar betrayal.

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